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Western Jack

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Supplanting is where one bird moves in and displaces another from a perch-site. The second bird usually retreats without resorting to a fight.

Western jackdaws fight by launching themselves at each other feet-first and then wrestling with their feet intertwined and pecking at each other.

Other individuals gather and call noisily. Western jackdaws entreat their partners to preen them by showing their nape and ruffling their head feathers.

Birds mainly preen each other's head and neck. Known as allopreening , this behaviour is almost always done between birds of a mated pair. Western jackdaws become sexually mature in their second year.

Genetic analysis of pairs and offspring shows no evidence of extra-pair copulation [60] and there is little evidence for couple separation even after multiple instances of reproductive failure.

Western jackdaws usually breed in colonies with pairs collaborating to find a nest site, which they then defend from other pairs and predators during most of the year.

The availability of suitable sites influences their presence in a locale. And dormitory too. Nest platforms can attain a great size. A mated pair usually constructs a nest by improving a crevice by dropping sticks into it; it is then built on top of the platform formed.

In his The Natural History of Selborne , Gilbert White notes that western jackdaws used to nest in crevices beneath the lintels of Stonehenge , and describes an example of the bird using a rabbit burrow for nesting.

Nests are lined with hair, wool, dead grass and many other materials. They fledge after 28—35 days, [72] and the parents continue to feed them for another four weeks or so.

Western jackdaws hatch asynchronously and incubation begins before clutch completion, which often leads to the death of the last-hatched young.

If the supply of food is low, parental investment in the brood is kept to a minimum as little energy is wasted on feeding a chick that is unlikely to survive.

The great spotted cuckoo Clamator glandarius has been recorded as a brood parasite of the western jackdaw, depositing its eggs in their nests in Spain and Israel.

Foraging takes place mostly on the ground in open areas and to some extent in trees. Flies around cow pats are caught by jumping from the ground or at times by dropping vertically from a few metres onto the cow pat.

Earthworms are not usually extracted from the ground by western jackdaws but are eaten from freshly ploughed soil. The western jackdaw tends to feed on small invertebrates up to 18 millimetres 0.

Also eaten are small rodents, bats , [83] the eggs and chicks of birds, and carrion such as roadkill. Vegetable items consumed include farm grains barley, wheat and oats , weed seeds, elderberries, acorns, and various cultivated fruits.

Opportunistic and highly adaptable, the western jackdaw varies its diet markedly depending on available food sources.

They also share more of a preferred food than a less preferred food. Western jackdaws show much higher levels of active giving than has been documented for other species, including chimpanzees.

The function of this behaviour is not fully understood, though it has been found to be detached from nutrition and compatible with hypotheses of mutualism , reciprocity and harassment avoidance.

It has also been proposed that food sharing may be motivated by prestige enhancement. Western jackdaws have learned to peck open the foil caps of milk bottles left on the doorsteps after delivery by the milkman.

The bacterium Campylobacter jejuni has been isolated from their beaks and cloacae so milk can become contaminated as they drink.

This activity was linked to cases of Campylobacter gastroenteritis in Gateshead in northeast England [93] and led the Department of Health to suggest that milk from bottles which had been pecked open should be discarded.

It was recommended that steps be taken to prevent birds from pecking open bottles in the future. An outbreak of a gastrointestinal illness in Spain which was causing mortalities in humans has been linked to western jackdaws.

During a post-mortem on an affected bird, a polyomavirus was isolated from the spleen. The illness appeared to be a co-infection of this with Salmonella and the virus has been provisionally named the crow polyomavirus CPyV.

The western jackdaw has been hunted as vermin, though not as heavily culled as other species of corvid. Western jackdaws were notorious as they also favoured fruit, especially cherries.

This act was taken up in a piecemeal fashion, but Elizabeth I passed the Act for the Preservation of Grayne in that was taken up with more vigour.

The species was hunted for its threat to grain crops and for propensity for nesting in belfries until the midth century. Particularly large numbers were culled in the county of Norfolk.

Western jackdaws were also culled on game estates as they raid nests of other birds for eggs. The western jackdaw is one of a very small number of birds that it is legal to use as a decoy or to trap in a cage in the United Kingdom.

The other pest species that can be controlled by trapping are the crow , jay , magpie and rook. An authorised person must comply with the requirements of the Wildlife and Countryside Act and does not need to show that the birds were a nuisance before trapping them.

An ancient Greek and Roman adage runs "The swans will sing when the jackdaws are silent", meaning that educated or wise people will speak only after the foolish have become quiet.

A narcissistic creature, it falls in while looking at its own reflection. The Veneti are fabled to have bribed the jackdaws to spare their crops.

In some cultures, a jackdaw on the roof is said to predict a new arrival; alternatively, a jackdaw settling on the roof of a house or flying down a chimney is an omen of death, and coming across one is considered a bad omen.

The 12th-century historian William of Malmesbury records the story of a woman who, upon hearing a jackdaw chattering "more loudly than usual," grew pale and became fearful of suffering a "dreadful calamity", and that "while yet speaking, the messenger of her misfortunes arrived".

The jackdaw is featured on the Ukrainian town of Halych 's ancient coat of arms, the town's name allegedly being derived from the East Slavic word for the bird.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Western Jackdaw. For the jackdaw of eastern Asia, see Daurian jackdaw. For other uses, see Jackdaw disambiguation.

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Ride in the Whirlwind. The Little Shop of Horrors.

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